Help Me To Crash Band

HELP ME TO CRASH BAND has emerged at first from an artistic tandem between dancer Malgorzata Haduch (Poland) and guitar player Arvind Ganga (Netherlands) and a duo collaboration between another dancer Maria Mavridou (Holland/Greece) and Malgorzata. They all met in the fertile jazz and improvisation scene in Amsterdam where, during the last decade, they have been developing their own individual artistic pathways and shared interest about investigating a performance with free improvised music and free improvised dance.                   
The band focuses on new possible relations between music and dance, where they would like to keep independence, yet with the question about togetherness at the same time.
The performers are seeking for unique language that is personal and intimate, looking for expression that is firm, free and rocking. How deep can we go with this? Help Me To Crash Band is moved by a desire to go beyond the limits of oneself supported by trust, tenderness and rawness. The band goes for an adventure on stage and aims to make visible what lies deep while it keeps on falling....

Some documentation of our tour in Poland June 2013 as well Video from the first show ever at OT301 in Amsterdam.. (Photos by Filip Molski and video by Roman Zotter)
Alchemia 19.06.2013 Krakow
This is how the tour has started... Maria arrived...
Kijk op West Festival in Amsterdam, September 2012 where all bagan TO CRASH.

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